The purpose of the Worship Arts Team at Woodcrest Church is to utilize contemporary and culturally relevant art forms to engage believers in authentic God-honoring worship,and to provide seekers with an opportunity to meet God and consider His truth for theirlives.

Worship art forms at Woodcrest include:

  • Audio Tech Team
  • Media tech Team (Presentation, Lighting & Camera)
  • Musical Worship Team

Our first and primary desire for worship at Woodcrest is for you to meet and experience God in His awesome splendor and majesty. Our role in the Worship Arts ministry is to facilitate that meeting as best we can by creating an environment that is conducive to authentic worship. Our worship music is contemporary and band-led, and we try to keep up with the latest styles and arrangements of worship music from some of today's more well-know worship artists.

Are you creative? Do you love to listen to a song and try to pick out the different instruments you hear? Do you love to create graphics using your computer? How about movies? Do you like being the person in meetings who runs the PowerPoint or other presentation software?

If you answered yes to any or all of thee questions, then we can use your talents on the Worship Arts Ministry Team! We use a variety of visual and graphic arts each week to enhance our worship experience from week to week here at Woodcrest.

The Worship Arts Ministry is an important one to Woodcrest. We strive for God-honoring excellence along with cultural relevance in our programming. This means heavy attention to our visual arts and sound!

In our weekly services, we are using Pro Presenter presentation software, which allows us to integrate videos (either in DVD format or other file formats) with text and graphics, as well as Microsoft PowerPoint. So, we can make the most of our visual arts every week! Videos can range from the home-made and funny, to thought- provoking sermon illustrations, to advertisements for upcoming events. Graphic arts can include sermon theme images, worship backgrounds, posters and banners, and pretty much anything else your creative mind can produce! We want to use as much visual communication as we can, to ensure our message is conveyed effectively. We have a robust sound system that produces a great full-range sound for our band-led worship.

That's easy! Contact Sam Joson, Worship Director at sam.joson@woodcrestchurch.org.

If you're interested in technical arts (helping with the audio and/or visual aspects of the services), we'll set up a time to meet with you to talk more about audio and visual technology and the important role it plays in worship. We'll also make sure you receive training for your selected area of service. From there, it's time to get scheduled for your Sundays!

If you're interested in singing or playing and instrument, we'll set up a time with you to come in and audition. We'll also want to get a sense for how worship fits into and impacts your life (believing that leading worship from the platform must be authentic and God-honoring at all times). If the fit seems comfortable from both a skill and worship standpoint, it's on to scheduling!

Whether you're a technician or a musician, scheduling is done in two-month blocks. So, unless we run into an immediate need during the current scheduled period (which sometimes happens), you could anticipate beginning your service with the next two-month cycle. You'll receive an email from Misty when it's time to schedule, and she'll ask for your availability for the next two months. Once those responses are received, she'll begin scheduling.

Thanks for your interest in joining the Worship Arts Ministry Team here at Woodcrest. We hope you'll prayerfully consider how you might contribute your time and talents to this important ministry!