Woodcrest Leadership Board

Jon Burt Paul Christensen Tim Dewaard Chad Faul
Laurie Hansen Pete Parker Joe Seidel Dave Waldoch

To communicate with the Leadership Board, e-mail them at Leadership@woodcrestchurch.org


Leadership Board Communication

Desiring to increase communication with the congregation, the Leadership Board will be implementing a new process to give regular updates.  The goal is to communicate ideas, challenges, financial items, and ministry objective updates on a regular basis in addition to the annual meetings and other congregational forums used in the past.  Future communications may take different forms such as written communication, like a short newsletter, or video attached to What’s Happening at Woodcrest or through live presentations during a worship service.

To view the first and most recent board update that was part of the worship experience on Sunday, March 28 click here.

Here is a brief summary of the update by board member Tim Dewaard:

  • Staff UpdateEvery 7 years, full-time ministry staff are eligible to take a sabbatical.  Pastor Pete was eligible in 2017 but due to staff changes, he was unable to take advantage of a full sabbatical.  As a result, the board has recommended that he take a full sabbatical this year.  The purpose of a sabbatical is to provide rest and rejuvenation, a time of reflection, and opportunities for personal learning and growth.  Pete is extremely grateful for this opportunity and will be on sabbatical April 5 – June 20.  The very capable ministry staff of Woodcrest will be filling in for Pete while he is away.
  • Student Ministry UpdateStudents have been gathering in a variety of different ways over the past year – initially over Zoom and now through in-person meetings. They have been creative in utilizing outdoor spaces, such as bonfires in the fall or broom ball during the winter, as well as the space downstairs in the Generations Wing for regular weekly meetings on Sundays and Wednesdays.  Recently, a worship element was added to Wednesday evening programming, led by Worship Director, Sam Joson.
    • Students have also been using this time to connect with each other and with leaders. Connection is always important, but critically important during this last year when more people than ever have felt disconnected, lonely or even depressed. The goal in Student Ministry is to create an attractive place for connection and to create a sense of community. Want to know how you can help Student Ministry? Consider being a small group leader or volunteering for special events. If you can show up, if you can say “hi”, and if you can ask “how’s your week been?”, then congrats! You are qualified to be a small group leader or volunteer!
    • Students have also been serving Woodcrest and serving our community.  They have served at Feed My Starving Children and recently volunteered to pack Easter Kits for families with small children. And students are going on mission trips this summer to serve communities outside our own. How can you help?  Watch for upcoming fundraisers to show support for our students going out to serve in short-term missions. There will be some new fundraising events this year that are different from what we have done in the past.
    • Please pray for Pastor Will Kelly and the students of Woodcrest. Specifically, pray that students and their families prioritize and stay committed to the programs that are offered. Life is hard with kids. There are so many competing events. So many distractions. But nothing is more important than students finding a personal connection with Jesus and establishing lifelong learning on how to worship, how to pray, and how to read scripture.  Pray that these things would develop and grow in our student’s lives. And if you know of a family that is not connected with Woodcrest Student Ministry – a family that could benefit from the resource of a solid youth program – invite them to get connected with ours. They won’t be disappointed!