Woodcrest Leadership Board

Jon Burt Tim DeWaard Laurie Hansen Roxie Kidder
Ann Latendresse Pete Parker Joe Seidel Dave Waldoch

To communicate with the Leadership Board, e-mail them at Leadership@woodcrestchurch.org


Lead Pastor Calling Committee Update

The first meeting of the committee will be on Tuesday, May 31. This meeting will include a representative from Converge North Central (our denomination) who will give valuable insight to the search process. As a reminder, the committee members are:  Jessica Berreth, Andrea Burt, Eli Hart, Laurie Hansen, Derek Parker, Chris Thomas and Dave Waldoch. Please keep this team and the search process for Woodcrest’s next Lead Pastor in your prayers.


Special Business Meeting

Sunday, April 24 was the special business meeting at 11:45 am. The agenda included the suggested changes to the Woodcrest Constitution, the election of the Pastor Calling Committee and approval of the window repair project. 

Thank you to all who participated in the Special Business meeting - each of the agenda items were passed. To see more details about the agenda items, please click here

To view the changes to the Constitution, click here.