Having trouble watching church online?
Here are some FAQ's that may help you!


The Woodcrest livestream services look different - why?

The new platform for Woodcrest online services will help attenders better engage with each other and Woodcrest staff through an interactive chat feature, personal prayer moments, Bible sidebar, and more. It is our goal to help all attenders better engage with each other and God, whether in person or online.

How do I access the Woodcrest online services?

The best way to access the Woodcrest online services is through the Woodcrest website. Just click on the "Livestream" button on the front page.

What browsers work best?

The Google Chrome and Firefox browsers work best for livestreaming Woodcrest services. Internet Explorer is not compatable with Woodcrest's livestream platform, Church Online Platform.

I want to watch Woodcrest services on my TV - what are my options?

A great way to watch the Woodcrest services is by connecting your laptop to your TV with a HDMI cable. 

Helpful hint: if you would still like to participate in the chat feature during the serivce, consider chatting on your phone, tablet, or another laptop while watching on your TV.

All Woodcrest livestream services will be uploaded to the Woodcrest Church Youtube Channel shortly after the 9am service. If you would like to access the services through the Youtube app on your Smart TV, consider tuning in at 10:30am.

Do I have to log in when I watch the livestream on the website?

It is not necessary for you to sign up or login when you watch the Woodcrest online services, but it will make watching future services easier.

I missed the livestream but need prayer - what do I do?

If you missed the livestream services and the live online prayer feature, you can still request prayer 24 hours a day while watching the Woodcrest service on demand. All offline prayer requests will be forwarded to the staff for prayer.