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Partnering with parents to lead kids on their journey as followers of Jesus Christ.


Welcome to Woodcrest Kids!  Our ministry is for children from birth to 5th grade and their families.  We exist to partner with parents in leading their kids to form and grow their relationship with Jesus Christ.  We believe the best way of doing this is coming along side parents by providing resources, weekend and midweek programming, and regular encouragement in living out their faith every day.


Upcoming Events


Nativity Escape Room

The Nativity Escape Room is a challenging virtual game for all ages.  Those younger than 8yrs will need some help but will have fun with the decoding. 

Can you get out of the locked room?

Start your great adventure HERE.

Are you stuck?  Can't find the hints?  Need some help?   Email Laura HERE and she will get back to you ASAP!




Sundays    10:30am

We will be virtual only until January 10th.

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Birth - Toddler

Our Nursery and Toddler rooms are design specifically for our youngest kids.  In this phase of life, kids are learning how to interact with others.  With the guidance of our trained volunteers, kids will discover God's love and how to show it with others.  We do this through Bible stories, age appropriate crafts and interactive play.


Kids in Preschool are beginning to discover where they fit into God's big plan.  They are able to learn in a more structured enviornment through interactive Bible stories, hands-on group activities, and energetic worship.  

Elementary (K - 3rd)

Our elementary kids come together for games, interactive worship and large group teachings.  Our lessons are designed to challenge kids using object lessons, critical thinking and relfection.  After our large group teaching, we split into small groups to discover how to put what we learned into practice. 

Preteen (4th - 5th)

Older elementary kids are facing much more challenges in today's world.  We believe it is important to come along side our preteens and guide them through these obsticules in an age appropriate way.  We do this by digging deeper into the Bible during small group time and discussing topics with strong small group leaders.  


Wednesday Nights

Starting Oct 28th - May  //  6:30pm - 8pm

Mission Friends (ages 3-5)

Through engaging activity stations, games and stories each week, preschoolers will move from a focus on self to a focus on others. They will discover how our Monthly Missionaries use our learnings in the mission fields by showing them how God works and loves all people around the world. 

Children in Action (grades K-5th)

Kids learn what it means to live a missional lifestyle while they participate in Bible study, missions projects and engaging activities.  Our Bible studies are expanded from what we learned on Sunday mornings.  Each month we look into the life of a new missionary and how they live out what we are learning.  Through missions discipleship, children come to understand that God can use them now --- even while they are young --- to make a difference.


Children with Special Needs

Breaking Down Barriers // Building on Faith

Jericho Ministry

Woodcrest Kids welcomes all kids just as they are to come and learn about Jesus Christ.  We understand that all children learn in different ways and need different things.  We have well trained volunteers that assist in classroom accomidations and one-on-one classroom help for all programming.

If you have questions or would like more information, contact Laura Neubauer