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Repair work has commenced on the 40 windows in the Woodcrest Church building. This project, approved by the congregation at a special business meeting in April, is the culmination of many attempts to fix our leaking and failing seals around the windows. Years of research were conducted, and numerous bids were received for this important project. As communicated at the special meeting in May, the repair process will be as follows:

  • Remove and save 40 windows in the original building. Remove and dispose of sills and deficient flashing. Correct pitch exterior to window as needed and install new colored-metal pan flashing which are up to current building code.  Reinstall windows and install new Corian interior windowsills.

The church building is very important so that we have a place to gather, learn, and minister. It is our collective gathering and launch point for local community outreach and global missions. And it is up to all of us to be good stewards of our church home and keep it in good condition so that our ministries can continue to flourish and impact the lives in our community for many years to come.

Woodcrest is not just a building. It is God’s church, God’s people, doing God’s work through many ministries. Our ministries are like ‘windows’ to the community, each other, and the world, through our missions’ support. The project goal is to raise $160,000 to repair 40 windows. Here are some ways you can help reach our goal:

  • Pray that God will provide, through His people, the funds needed.
  • Buy a window =  $4,000
  • Buy ½ of a window =  $2,000
  • Buy ¼ of a window =  $1,000
  • Consider your life group buying a window together
  • Give $20.00/week for 1 year =  $1,040 (more than ¼ of a window)

As of October 2022, you have donated nearly $50,000 which will repair 12+ windows. Thank you in advance for your “above and beyond” generosity. To give to this special project, click on the button below, then select arrow to give to "Windows of Woodcrest".

Working together,

Woodcrest Leadership Board

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