Hope Begins With A Meal (HBWAM) is a ministry that was started in partnership with Union Gospel Mission in 2017 to provide Thanksgiving meals to people in need in the greater Twin Cities area. It continues today through a Woodcrest-specific registration program for individuals and families in the communities immediately around Woodcrest.

HBWAM 2022

We want to thank all of those who contributed so generously to our initiative in 2022.  We collected food and funds sufficient to pack ~625 bags of Thanksgiving food.  A small portion of donated funds covered the purchase of materials such as bags, labels, etc. and food for recipients during Pickup, but most of the donations went toward the food and gift cards required for the 500 bags of food that were packed!  Excess resources will be used to bless those in need with food and goods at other times during the coming year.