2021 Annual Meeting Recap

Woodcrest had much to celebrate in 2020 and we look forward to another great year of ministry. Here are some of the highlights of this year’s annual meeting:    

  • Welcomed 3 new members.
  • The amendments to the Woodcrest Church Constitution were approved.
  • Approved 2021 Operating and Mission Fund Budgets and Ministry Objectives.
  • Elected 4 Leaders to the Board – Dave Waldoch, Chad Faul, Laurie Hansen and Joe Seidel - who join the current Leadership Board: Paul Christiansen, Jon Burt, Tim DeWaard and Pastor Pete.
  • Elected the 2021 Nominating Committee: Ron Johnson, Adam Klein, Sharon Murphy, Lynn Perkins and Barry Taylor.
  • Celebrated the faithful generosity of the Woodcrest congregation.

The new e-mail address for the Leadership Board is: leadership@woodcrestchurch.org

You can access the 2020 Annual Report by clicking here and the constitutional amendment changes here.